Belly Painting

Belly Painting

Philadelphia PA, Miami and Key West, FL   

Maternity Pre-Natal Belly Painting for expecting mothers


Get your Belly Paint on!

Contact Jennifer today! Whether you're interested in belly painting for fun , a maternity photo shoot, a baby shower,  baby expo ,maternity themed event or as a special gift for an expectant mother.

 Body Painter Jennifer offers Maternity Belly Paint sessions in Philadelphia, Delaware, Miami and Key West, FL. Belly painting can be done in your location or photo studio of your selection. Jennifer offers belly painting in the Philadelphia  PA/ Tri-State area, Miami and Key West,FL 

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Interested in professional photo's of your belly painting but don't have a photographer?  A maternity photo shoot with a professional photographer can be arranged. 

Contact me for further details.

As seen in Maternity and Style Magazine

Belly Painting Art by 

Jennifer Montgomery !