Body Painting

Body Painting

Body Painting in Philadelphia PA, Miami and  Key West, FL

 Professional Body Painter for Events, Parties, Photoshoots, Fantasy Fest and more

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- Body Painting for Philadelphia and Miami area private or corporate events . Body painted models are a great way to capture a viewers attention. Designs can be customized and painted to fit the theme of the event. Also, product or company logo's can be creatively body painted on the model.

-Body painting for photoshoots adds a unique and artistic flair to photographs. Create a one of a kind experience for both yourself and the recipient of the photo's. Body painting is an unforgettable way to make photos stand out. Body painting and a photo shoot with a professional photographer in the Philadelphia and Miami area can be arranged.

-Body Painting for theme parties and events! Be the center of attention at a  party or event when you surpise everyone with your body painted costume. Think Halloween, Mardi Gras, Masquerade, Fantasy Fest ,and more.

 - In fashion shows, show off painted bodies to enhance the theme of a show! Each model will certainly  stand out while strutting down the catwalk, guaranteed.

Body Painter Jennifer shares time between Philadelphia PA and Miami/ Key West Fl area. Body painting can be done in your location. Jennifer offers body painting in the Philadelphia  PA area as well as Miami/ Key West,FL for Fantasy Fest and events of all kinds. 

Jennifer will be in Key West,Florida body painting for Fantasy Fest, make your appointment now!!!

 Do you have a body painting idea?

Contact  Body Painter Artist Jennifer today, to bring it to life. Whether your interested in body painting for fun ,to enhance a photoshoot, a private event, a corporate function nightclub happening, or theater production.

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Places that Jennifer has shared her body painting with in the Philadelphia area and Key West:

Emminence Front Day Spa

Empty Bucket Studio


RAW: Natural Born Artist Philadelphia March 2011

Rock Ya Body

Stamphill Motion Pictures

Gregory Maxx Photography

 Fantasy Fest, Key West FL


Bike Week Daytona Bruce Rossmeyer's Harley Davidson


Appalachian Harley Davidson

  Video: Body Painting Philadelphia & Key West, FL