Henna Body Art

 Henna Body Art 

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 Henna Tattoos are fun for Teen Parties, Sweet Sixteens, Bat Mitzvahs, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, and Corporate Events

Philadelphia Henna Artist Jennifer offers Henna Tattoos, Bridal Henna, Henna Body Art and Mehndi for parties,events, bridal events and private appointments throughout the
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White Henna Philadelphia and Key West, FL
White Henna Philadelphia and Key West, FL
Pre-Natal Maternity Henna Body Art Philadelphia|Miami| Key West by Henna Artist Jennifer Montgomery of CrazyFaces FacePainting and Body Art Call 610.764.0853
Pre-Natal Maternity Henna Body Art Philadelphia|Miami| Key West

Henna, also known as Mehndi, is the strongest natural dye known to man. Its derived from a plant. When the leaves are picked, left to dry and ground to a fine powder, it can be mixed to form a paste.  Currently Henna/Mehndi is most commonly used for body art and tattooing and cultural ceremonies.
Only natural Henna/Mehndi mixed with natural ingredients such as coffee , lemon juice and sugar  are used to henna  body art All materials are safe for use on the skin. Henna is a fun way to celebrate and decorate    the body and achieve the  look of a temporary tattoo .Sparkles and rhinestones can be added to the henna design for extra bling!Henna is also a natural cost effective solution for body scar coverage.


Longevity of henna designs vary from person to person. They can last from 1 to 3 weeks depending on care of the decorated area.


Henna powder is an olive green color and when mixed to a paste it becomes a brown, or brownish green.  Natural Henna is NEVER black. If Henna is black it contains a dangerous chemical called PPD. PPD can cause severe skin irritation, liver and kidney damage